ten reasons not to book

Eric Engles, one of the leaders of our neighbor Foothill Country Dancers, and a dancer in Sacramento as well, wrote an article for the Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS) Spring 2015 newsletter, Ten Reasons Not to Book. This is well worth a read for our dance community, whether you are a person who books or a person who has been passed up by a booker.

From Eric’s article:

2. Booking ahead creates a kind of class structure in the dance community. Those who ask ahead and get asked ahead form an in-crowd or clique; those who don’t ask ahead and don’t tend to get asked are forced to the margins and excluded…

It’s also a good time to mention Foothill, as they have great dances not far from the Sacramento area, and are a very welcoming community of dancers. And to mention CDSS,  the national leader in folk dance and song, through whom SCDS obtains insurance and our nonprofit status.