meet us on Meetup

Meetup_logo-2xSacramento Country Dance Society now has its own Meetup group, Sacramento Contra Dance. We hope that you will join us there.

Some of you may already find our dance events here (the calendar page is the most used page on our website/blog), or as Facebook events, so why would you want to join another? Cross-pollination is the main reason. There are 18 other dancing groups in the region, and innumerable groups that might be of interest to you, including hiking, music, and eating. When you join Meetup, you will see other groups that may interest you, and you will see people who are members of our group showing up in other groups that may interest you. Conversely, people from groups you are a member of will see the connection to our dancing group. For example, Lilian has invited her hiking group to join our dances several times, and those dances have had more attendees than any of our others except the few occasions when we have national traveling bands and callers. We need this cross-pollination to keep our dance community strong.

And like any social media application or website, Meetup can keep you motivated to attend. Maybe Saturday or Sunday rolls around and you are tired, or have other social opportunities, or need to walk the dog. Events posted on social media can help motivate you, reminding you of what’s coming up, and of your friends who are attending.

So, please click and join!

Meetup, like most other services, allows you to set notification levels. You can get fewer or no email updates. You can adjust things down until you are getting just what you want, and nothing more. The initial settings will probably give you more than you want, but don’t despair, adjust.