slide shows of Echo Summit Dance Camp

EchoSummit-logo_A slide show is now available on each of the Echo Summit Dance Camp pages from 2010 through 2014. These are just a sampling of photos, and there are additional photos on our Facebook page. If you’ve been before, these may remind you of why you want to go again. And if you’ve not been before, these will may give you a reason to go. In either case, sign up!

The camp is a wonderful mix of intense evening dancing, relaxed morning dances and afternoon workshops, sitting in the sun and reading or talking, going on walks or hikes, and of course, napping in the mountain air.

To see the shows, pull down the Special Events menu item above, and go from there.

Pages have been added for 2008 and 2009 as well, with the talent for those years posted there for those who wish to bring back memories. But we don’t have any photos that far back.

We always welcome contribution of photos from our dance community. Email Dan Allison,, and let me know what you have and the best way to get them from you.