Bark, bark! BigDOG wags its tail!

New BIG Day LogoHere, finally, is an update. The Big Day of Giving website has had problems since this morning, sometimes working and sometimes not, and it is not working at this time. The event has been extended to 3:00PM Wednesday, so if you wish, you may check the website to see if it works.

As a good alternative, you can donate online via our partner JustGive,, and it will be credited to our BigDOG fundraising. You may bring a check to the next dance, as Paul Larsen suggested, and it will be much appreciated but won’t count towards BigDOG. And you may call Celine at 916-893-8616 and she will take down your credit card information (be patient, she wasn’t expecting to be doing this!).

We received donations early in the day, and at times during the day, totaling $1450 from 19 supporters. To those of you who were lucky or persistent, THANK YOU! Our donation webpage will not likely reflect the correct amount any time during the event, but we are receiving your donations and they are being acknowledged by Celine.

We will make use of your contribution to fund special activities such as family dances, national callers and musicians, and waltz workshops.

2 thoughts on “Bark, bark! BigDOG wags its tail!

  1. 6AM: $225 in donations, but now that the dogs are all awake and ready for a morning walk, we should see a lot more. Thank you to those who stayed up late or got up early and got us off a a good start.


  2. 9AM: $825 from 11 gifts to BigDOG Big Day of Giving. Thank you! Family dances are among the many uses of our BigDOG funds. Our next family dance will be a Halloween family dance on October 29.


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