New contra dance donation

Because our costs have risen, the donation for the second and fourth Saturday contra dances will soon increase for the first time in almost a decade. Starting in April, the regular adult rate will be $12/person. The rates for college students, children, and families will not change.

There were two significant increases in contra expenses this year. The City of Sacramento raised the rent for the Coloma Community Center, and we increased the payments to our wonderful bands and callers. This increase allows us to stay in line with other Bay Area dance groups that compete with us for talent. As the most inconvenient venue for most bands and callers to reach, it didn’t seem wise for SCDS to also offer the lowest pay.

To maintain the contra dance’s financial stability, the Board approved a donation increase that will exactly cover these increased costs. This rate is on par with other Bay Area dances. The donation for zesty and other special dances will be considered on a case-by-case basis throughout the year, depending on the cost of the talent and other circumstances.

Another way to offset the additional expenses would be to increase attendance. The Board will continue efforts to attract and retain new dancers, and we encourage all of you to invite anyone who might be interested to come and discover the fun of contra dancing!

2 thoughts on “New contra dance donation

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