May 5th Winters Contra & English Country Dances

“I love to dance because it’s a good way to keep the mind sharp.”
Remember to preschedule your donation for the Big Day of Giving before May 2nd!

On Sunday afternoon, May 5th, we’ll be hosting two dances at the same time: a special contra dance at The Palms Playhouse in Winters and our regular English country dance in Roseville, with traditional spring Maypole dance. Details for both dances are below.


The Palms Contra:

Talent: Kelsey Hartman calling to the music of Deniz Akin, Will Wheeler, and Lisa Illés
Date: Sunday, May 5, 2019
Time: 2:00–5:00 pm, with newcomer’s orientation at 1:30 pm
Location: The Palms Playhouse, 13 Main St, Winters, CA
Cost: $12 for adults; $8 for college students with ID


Hartman_Akin_Wheeler_IllesJoin us for a special Sunday afternoon contra dance at the old opera house in Winters! Kelsey is a “contraholic,” who can often be found dancing or calling a contra dance. Her inspiration comes from Nils Fredland, whose workshop in 2012 spurred her down the caller’s path. When calling, she considers herself a conduit between the dancers and the band, helping to channel the joy of the music through flowing, interesting dances. Deniz Akin is involved in just about all aspects of contra dance—calling, playing, programming, and dancing. Playing guitar, banjo, and piano for several different contra dance bands, she draws from both Irish and American traditions to create driving, dynamic, and danceable rhythms. Will Wheeler, also in the Bay Area band the wiNgNuts, plays powerful, diverse guitar, fiddle, and driving foot percussion. Lisa Illés grew up playing classical music and started playing Irish folk music two years ago. She describes her flutes as extensions of herself and hopes to study folk music in Ireland after she graduates from UC Davis.

A newcomer’s orientation is offered at 1:30 pm, perfect for people who have not contra danced before, or who could use some refresher. The bar will be open with refreshments available for purchase. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door.

After the dance, go out a beer (or some wine) with old and new friends at Berryessa Brewing Company (27260 Highway 128). A group of us will be meeting there to continue the party, with a food truck available for dinner.

No partners are needed, so come by yourself or with friends or with family. These events are accessible to people with disabilities.


The English Country Dance

Talent: Gary Sandler and Yvonne Couvillion calling to the music of Quite Carried Away
Date: Sunday, May 5, 2019
Time: 2:00-5:00 pm, with newcomer’s workshop at 1:30 pm
Location: Polish American Hall, 327 Main St, Roseville
Cost: $10 for adults; $8 for college students with ID; $5 for dancers under 18; $25 maximum for families (cash or check)

Sandler_Couvillion_QCAThis week’s dance features our home-grown talent calling to the music of our house band, beginning with the traditional spring Maypole dance led by Joyce and Dave Uggla! Gary Sandler believes in helping dancers get more fun out of their dances, whether through safe and comfortable hand-holds or clear direct instructions.  He likes to vary the dance structures, shifting from lines to circles and squares.  Yvonne Couvillion began calling 30 years ago. She met her husband Andre at a contra dance in Bastrop, Texas 26 years ago. They now live in Sacramento where they attend, teach and host a variety of dance events, including English country dance. Quite Carried Away, is Susan Jones, Arlene Jamar, Sandy Westfall, Jane Kostka, Martin Lodahl, and Dick Holdstock. Ask about their CD!

As usual, beginners are welcome and no partners are necessary.  If you are bringing, or know of any, first-timers, please urge them to come at 1:30 for the introductory workshop that precedes the dance.  All dancers are welcome at the workshop, but first-time attendees receive a coupon for half-off admission at their next dance!


For more information on either dance, and lost and found, call Laura Leonelli, 916-549-7093, or email

Upcoming events:
May 11: contra dance
May 19: English country dance at Camp Pollock
May 25: contra dance

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