Board election & Big Day of Giving

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are asking our dancers to vote (yes or no) on the Sacramento Country Dance Society Board nominee slate (below) by sending an email to We wish we could see you in person at our Anniversary Dance instead!

BDOG-2020-logo-magenta-violetThe Big Day of Giving is coming up on May 7th. Thinking of all those who may need help at this time, we encourage you to give where your heart is and as you are able. If you want to help SCDS put on special events and workshops, train callers and musicians, and buy big-ticket items like sound equipment, our donation page is open now through May 7th.

Please share this information with anyone you know who might be interested. If you are not receiving our email announcements, you can sign up at

Thanks to the careful stewardship of previous Board members, Sacramento Country Dance Society remains in solid financial shape. When it is safe to dance, we will be back and overjoyed to see all of you again!

2020-2021 SCDS Board of Directors nominations:
Sandra Aamodt
Susan Jones
Laura Leonelli
Karen Leyse
Martin Lodahl
Virgil Schmidt
Douglas Schwilk
Susan Stratton
Pam Wade
Bobbie Watson

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