Keeping our community in touch

Thanks so much to everyone who donated to SCDS for the Big Day of Giving! We appreciate your dedication to country dance and your fellow dancers.

During these months when we are unable to dance, we are planning some online activities to keep the community connected. To start, we will host a group discussion on Zoom at 2 pm on Sunday, May 24th, where we can keep in touch with each other and talk about what types of online music and dance activities you find appealing. Please save the date and look for a Zoom link in our email newsletter next week. If you are not yet receiving our email announcements, you can sign up at

You can check out some online events being organized by other groups at

If you’d like to support freelance callers and musicians during this difficult time, CDSS (our parent organization) has put together a list of ways to help here:

Closer to home, you can also support our musicians and dancers:
Topher Gayle
Celia Ramsay
Ryan McKasson
The Syncopaths
Nancy Thym

We look forward to seeing you virtually on May 24th and in person as soon as it is safe!

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