December 13th Jeff Spero & Christa Burch online concert

Please save the date for our next online concert, with Jeff Spero and Christa Burch of the Syncopaths, at 4 pm Pacific time on Sunday, December 13th.

Jeff Spero and Christa Burch bring a fresh, contemporary spin to music and songs rooted in the Scottish, Irish, and American folk traditions. Jeff provides inventive piano, anchored by the driving power of Christa’s bodhrán. She also lends her singular voice — warm, supple, expressive, and intimate — to the songs. Together, they create a “chamber folk” sound, characterized by rich vocals and unexpected colors and rhythms from the piano and bodhrán. The exuberant joy they derive from the music and each other is palpable and contagious.

You can join the concert at, starting at 3:45 pm on December 13th. 

Tips for the band and sound technician are appreciated:
Venmo: @Jeffrey-Spero-2
Checks to: Jeffrey Spero
4101 Charles Avenue
Culver City, CA 90232

Please share this information with anyone you know who might be interested. To receive email announcements of SCDS events, sign up at

Upcoming events:
January 10th – Audrey Knuth and Amy Englesberg
Feb. 7 – Rachel Bell and Becky Tracy
March 14 – Caroline McCaskey

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