English Country Dance on March 20th

In case you missed our recent announcement, we are dancing together again! English Country Dancing resumes on Sunday, March 20, from 2:00 to 5:00 pm, preceded by our usual introductory session at 1:30 pm. Calling by Alisa Dodson, live music by Quite Carried Away.

Polish-American Hall
327 Main St, Roseville 95678

If you are attending the March 20 dance, there are important things you need to know and important things you need to do!

Things to Know

The SCDS wants to assure that we have taken all reasonable steps to provide a safe environment for dancers. This includes minimizing risks of virus transmission. Therefore, for the time being, we are requiring three things of all dancers.

1. Vaccinations for COVID. Each dancer must show proof of being fully up to date on vaccination. That means two shots of Moderna or Pfizer plus one booster shot, or one shot of J&J plus one booster shot.

2. Waiver of liability. Each dancer must sign a waiver of liability, so that they acknowledge their awareness of risks associated with dancing.

3. Masks. For the time being, we will continue to require wearing of masks at all times when in the dance hall. The best masks are the N95 type (N95, KN95, KF94). Surgical masks (such as the ones offered when you enter a medical facility) are acceptable, and can be made additionally effective when worn with a cloth mask on top. As you no doubt know from news sources, since the emergence of the omicron variant, it has been demonstrated that cloth masks are ineffective, so please leave those pretty cloth masks, bandanas, neck gaiters, etc. at home.

4. Refreshments. In addition to these requirements, we’ve established the following standards for refreshments.

* Water bottles: Please bring your own. Since we are requiring masks be worn at all times when in the dance hall, you’ll need to step outside to eat or drink.

* Breaks: We’ll have 2. Hopefully the weather will cooperate such that it will be nice to step outside onto the lawn to remove masks and consume snacks. Bring snacks for yourself; if you wish to bring snacks to share, please bring individually wrapped items.

Things to Do

To facilitate easy entry to the dance, it would be very helpful if each dancer did the following before the dance. (If you cannot, or you forget, that’s OK. It’ll just mean that you’ll need to take time to do these things at the door, before being allowed into the hall.)

1. Proof of vaccinations. Please email a copy of your vaccination information to Laura Leonelli at lauraleo524@gmail.com

You will only need to do this once. We will not keep a copy of your vaccination record, but we will record that you have provided this information so that it will be valid for future dances.

2. Waiver of liability. Please print a copy of the waiver form, sign it, and bring your paper copy to the dance. Again, you will only need to do this once; we will record that you have provided this information so that it will be valid for future dances.

We hope you appreciate these extra efforts to keep everyone healthy, and we are so looking forward to seeing you on March 20th at the Polish Hall in Roseville!

Upcoming Events:
March 26th – contra dance
April 9th – contra dance

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