SCDS Covid-19 Policies

Latest update: December 2022

The policies below are intended to balance our desire to dance with the safety of our community, including both our dancers and the wider public. As the public-health situation changes, we will revisit these policies.


  • SCDS will not hold dances when Sacramento County is in the CDC Community Levels red zone (i.e., hospitals are at risk of being overwhelmed), or when El Dorado, Placer, and Yolo Counties are all in the red zone. If only one or two of these surrounding counties are in the red zone, dances will go on as scheduled.
  • Authority to cancel dances has been delegated to the Ad Hoc Reopening Committee, which will review CDC information prior to a dance and notify the community of any cancellations. Dance committees have authority to cancel dances for other reasons and to execute dance operational details within SCDS guidelines.
  • Signs will be posted advising dancers to not attend if they are sick in any way.


  • All dancers must wear a high-quality mask, such as N95, KN95, or KF94, when in the dance hall.  Masks with exhaust vents are not acceptable because they do not protect other dancers. No surgical or cloth face coverings are allowed.


  • Dancers must provide proof of vaccination plus at least one booster. This information only needs to be presented once, either in person at a dance or by email to Laura Leonelli ( We very much prefer receiving the proof ahead of time, but you may show your card, or email a photo of your card, or the California official proof, when arriving at the dance. We will record that your vaccination has been verified, but will not store any personal medical information.

Waiver of Liability

  • Each dancer shall sign a waiver of liability, to acknowledge their awareness of risks associated with dancing. Each dancer needs to do this only once. The waiver can be submitted in person at any dance or by email to Laura Leonelli (
  • Dancers must provide their phone number and email in case it is needed for contact tracing and agree to inform dance organizers if they develop COVID within five days after a dance.

Food and Drink

  • Dancers may bring their own water and snacks. Food will not be shared at the dance.
  • Dancers must step outside to eat or drink. Masks may not be removed inside the building.


  • To the extent possible, we will enable cross ventilation by opening windows and doors at opposite sides of the dance hall, so please dress accordingly.
  • We will encourage installation of properly sized MERV-13 air filters or the highest rated MERV filters that the HVAC system can accommodate, in collaboration with building managers, as feasible.