The Sacramento Country Dance Society (SactoCDS) sponsors traditional American Contra Dances and English Country Dances in the Sacramento, California area.

If you can walk and know the difference between left and right, you can successfully dance either of these dances!   Most of the movements in both English Country and Contra dancing are based on a walking or skipping step.  Dancers move through a number of specific figures, sometimes holding hands, sometimes by themselves.  Each dance is prompted by a caller, so that each figure and movement is called in time to the music.  You don’t need to rely on your memory alone to know what to do.

Contra and English Country dancing are fun, great exercise, and best of all, you never need to worry about having a partner or experience to dance with us!  The Sacramento Country Dance Society members are very friendly and welcoming  and we love when new people join us.  All dances are taught and prompted and we pride ourselves on always having live music.

Come join us and see what all the fun is about!  A complete schedule of our dance appears on our calendar page.  We look forward to seeing you at our next dance!