Echo Summit Dance Camp 2013

September 13-15, 2013

Another wonderful year at Camp Sacramento! You can see more photos from Echo Summit and other dances on our Facebook page.

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A little about the talent…

Notorious is lauded as sparkling and exhilarating and presents a thrilling musical experience in genres that span many continents.  Eden MacAdam-Somer is on fiddle and vocals, Larry Unger on guitar and banjo, Sam Bartlett on mandolin and Mark Hellenberg on percussion and banjo uke.  Notorious’  performances are always new and exciting.

noreasterbw_Nor’easter is a Boston-based trio that draws from New England musican traditions to delight their audiences in creating an exciting, joyous sound that catches both your ears and feet.  Layered, dance-driven arrangements and fiery performances are at the heart of this band’s commitment to playing great and powerful music.  On fiddle is Cedar Stanistreet ,  Max Newman on the mandolin and guitar, and Julie Vallimont on the piano and accordion.

WendyGrahamCaller Wendy Graham from Durango, Colorado,  is a self-described dance maniac who serves up delicious dances for all with her infectious enthusiasm smile. A Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS) board member, Wendy leads folk and social dance in the U.S. and abroad and teaches weekly folk, swing and Latin classes in her hometown. She has experience with English, American, and Scandinavian dance and music, but also enjoys experimenting with non-traditional music and choreography cross-over.

ShawnBrennermanCaller Shawn Brenneman says her goal is to help create an atmosphere where dancers can best enjoy the music, each other, and the dance by choosing good dances, teaching them simply, clearly, and quickly, calling in a clear and timely manner, and dropping out when possible to let the music carry the dancers forward. She says she likes to choose a varied and interesting program of well choreographed dances to provide a fun evening.

2013 Echo Summit Flyer