Echo Summit Dance Camp 2014

September 12-14, 2014

Only three months before the next one, and we are getting excited! You can see more photos from Echo Summit and other dances on our Facebook page.

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A little about the talent…

Great Bear Trio has brought their unique high-energy modern folk music to dance floors, concert halls and festival stages across the United States since 2000.  Brothers Andrew and Noah VanNorstrand play twin fiddles, mandolins, guitars, banjo and an assortment of percussion including the slide-didgeridoo, and are accompanied by mom Kim Yerton on piano.  Andrew and Noah compose the majority of Great Bear’s material, drawing heavily on Celtic and Appalachian fiddling traditions for the melodies but with plenty of room for improvisation and grooving rhythm sections.

Riptide – Making their West Coast debut, Riptide sends a driving current of music into the dance hall that comes from a mix of Irish, New England, and Old Time traditions.  The band brings some of the most creative and energetic players from the New England dance scene together with the driving percussion of Mark “Pokey” Hellenberg to create fresh, high-energy dance music that can crash into wild waves of rhythm, or gently set dancers adrift on a sea of sound.  Riptide performs at dance weekends throughout the country and includes Alden Robinson on fiddle, Glen Loper on mandolin, Owen Marshall on guitar and Mark Hellenberg on percussion.

Caller Gaye Fifer is an accomplished contra caller from Pittsburgh, PA.  An active dancer herself, Gaye understands the subtleties of making contra dances particularly satisfying for dancers.  Her instructions are clear and concise as she is a teacher by profession.  An easy smile and delightful sense of humor are part of Gaye’s relaxed, pleasant style.  Gaye calls contra dance weekends throughout the United States and Canada.  She is also an enthusiastic advocate and instructor of contra-style waltz.

Caller Sarah VanNorstrand has been calling, organizing and teaching contra, square, and family/community dances for seven years.  She has a clear and engaging teaching style and a great repertoire of dances to share.  Instantly hooked from her first contra dance as a teen, Sarah’s love of dance and her joy in sharing it is evident and infectious.  Above all, her goal as a caller is to make sure the dancers are having as much fun as she is!


2014 Echo Summit Flyer