Previous Echo Summit Dance Camps

Echo Summit 2016 – featuring callers Eric Weberg and Lisa Greenleaf and music from JEMS and The Quarks

Echo Summit 2015 – featuring callers Nils Fredland and Mary Wesley and music from Elixir and The Echo Summit Super Trio (Ryan McKasson, Jeremiah McLane and Bethany Waickman)

Echo Summit 2014 – featuring callers Gaye Fifer and Sarah VanNorstrand and music from Great Bear Trio and Riptide

Echo Summit 2013 – featuring callers Wendy Graham and Shawn Brenneman and music from Notorious and Nor’easter

Echo Summit 2012 – featuring callers Nils Fredland and Rebecca Lay and music from The Moving Violations and the Syncopaths

Echo Summit 2011 – featuring callers Linda Leslie and Will Mentor and music from Tidal Wave and Rumblestrip

Echo Summit 2010 – featuring callers Lisa Greenleaf and Nils Fredland and music from Crowfoot and Elixir

Echo Summit 2009 – featuring callers Seth Tepfer and Beth Molaro and music from The Latter Day Lizards and Contrazz

Echo Summit 2008 – featuring callers Joseph Pimentel and Gaye Fifer and music from Groovemongers and Great Bear Trio