Echo Summit Dance Camp 2008

September 12 – 14, 2008

Groovemongers is a northern-style band with a world view of dance music.
CW Abbott, versatile in northern and southern styles, plays guitar and mandolin.
Jane Knoeck is the queen of chords on piano and accordion. Rebecca McCallum fiddles with a pure and inspired tone, while Mark Hellenberg punctuates the repertoire with various rhythm instruments. Their repertoire reflects diverse musical interests and includes New England, Southern, French Canadian, Celtic, Klezmer, and ragtime, as well as original tunes.

Great Bear Trio has been bringing their unique brand of high-energy modern folk music to dance floors, concert halls and festival stages across the continent since 2000. Brothers Andrew and Noah VanNorstrand play twin fiddles, mandolins, guitars, banjo and an assortment of percussion including the slide-didgeridoo. They’re ably accompanied by their mother Kim Yerton on piano. Andrew and Noah compose the majority of Great Bear’s material, drawing heavily on Celtic and Appalachian fiddling traditions for their melodies but with plenty of room for improvisation and grooving rhythm sections.

Joseph Pimentel is a New England native recently settled in Houston, Texas. As a popular caller at dance events throughout the country, his calling combines clear teaching, discriminating taste in dances, respect for tradition and a great sense of fun. Joseph is renowned for his skillful, charismatic leadership and infectiously joyful calling. A man of many talents, Joseph organizes contra workshops, teaches English country dance, promotes gender-free dance, and composes contras enjoyed by dancers from coast to coast.

Gaye Fifer from Charlottesville, Virginia, is an accomplished contra caller and an active dancer who understands the subtleties of making contra dances particularly satisfying for dancers. Her instructions are clear and concise. An easy smile and delightful sense of humor are part of Gaye’s relaxed style.