NYE contra dance made us happy!

Our New Year’s Eve contra dance saw 69 happy people dancing to the music of the Syncopaths and the calling of Dane Wallinga. This is more people than have attended a dance since the beginning of the pandemic, and we saw a number of friends who were back for their first dance, and a few new people as well. With the expense of a nationally famous band, the Syncopaths, we still lost money on the evening, but it was a good investment if measured by the smiles and compliments of the dancers. However, in order to have a successful dances, and a successful organization, Sacramento Country Dance Society, we need more people to attend.

We have lost money on every contra dance since the beginning of the pandemic. We were in pretty good financial position before the pandemic, but the losses cannot continue. The traditional success of Echo Summit Contra Dance Weekend supported our organization overhead, while the regular contra dance and English Country Dance came close to breaking even. But with lower attendance has come big losses.

So, we invite you to come back, see old friends and make new friends, and dance your joy. And support your dance community.

Our requirements for vaccination and masking continue. The masking requirement makes some people unhappy, but it is the most effective way of preventing COVID-19 transmission, apparently more important than vaccination or self-tests before dances. Imagine a room full of people, exercising and breathing in close proximity. Masking is the best solution. A few dance communities that have dropped masking requirements have had a considerable number of COVID cases. On the other hand, the contra dance communities that many of the Sacramento dancers attend in other places have had no documented cases of transmission. Many people happily work with masking by sitting out some dances or even every other dance. You can always head outside for some un-masked breathing, as we only require masks in the building.

While we hope we are past peak pandemic and dance cancellation, our schedules may change, so it is always best to check the online calendar (Calendar) or subscribe to it in your personal calendar, and to subscribe to our email list on groups.io at https://groups.io/g/SactoCDS.

NYE contra dance, forward and back, by John Seto
NYE contra dance, balancing in the circle mixer, by John Seto
NYE contra dance, Syncopaths (Joe Craven, Ryan McKasson, Christa Burch, Jeff Spero), by Dan Allison