New Email Newsletter

To improve communications, the SCDS Board voted to launch a periodic newsletter to all the folks on the email list (over 1,000 now) to let everyone in on what isn’t, after all, supposed to be any kind of a secret. This is the first, and probably longest, of those letters.

In May, thinking we saw happy days ahead, we appointed a committee to study the science to determine the conditions under which we could resume dancing. Dancing is not like many of the activities that have resumed; while breathing briskly, we move right through where someone has just been, inhaling air they’ve just exhaled. A very efficient transmission mode for a respiratory virus. Nevertheless, it was then looking like we were on the verge of having a community transmission level where the risk would be at least reasonable for vaccinated dancers, but the Delta variant changed everything. In September, as that new surge began to fade, the community transmission level for Sacramento County was again dropping rapidly, only for it to stop dropping at the end of the month and spend all of October waffling around a level that’s roughly double a reasonable risk factor, while continuing to drop in the Bay Area. 

We moved into a mode where we’d optimistically begin planning dances we’d later have to cancel. At present, all November dances are canceled, but December’s are tentative, as it wouldn’t quite take a miracle to make them possible. The last of these, the New Year’s Eve Contra, is still being planned, though the band understands that cancellation is not unlikely. We watch the transmission rates closely, looking for signs of hope. If a dance has to be canceled, we’d much prefer to give at least two weeks’ notice of it, but in a pinch, it could be much less.

In other news, in recent months we’ve added the subscribers of the English Country Dance email list to this list too, and also the subscribers to the old Yahoo Groups list, to streamline getting the word out as we approach restarting. 

To receive these newsletters and email announcements of SCDS events, sign up at

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